How to Start a Pipe Collection

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How to Start a Pipe Collection


When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Such is the dilemma with owning a single tool to use with your flower cannabis. I understand people have their reasons to own just one or two smoking or vaping devices. Some people don't have the luxury of living in a legal state so they must be cautious and holding ten bongs isn't exactly under the radar. And I get that having a big collection can be a costly endeavor, but hear me out. Assembling a decent pipe collection doesn't have to be expensive or take up a ton of space.

A selection of pipes and vaporizers lets you enjoy your herb to its maximum potential. Focusing on the essentials and narrowing down your choices to the three pieces that give you the most versatility will allow you to mix up your sessions without breaking your budget.

Having a variety of ways to experience cannabis offers you both novelty and the ability to choose your intake level. There are many types of devices that help you get high, but I want to focus on three that I think forms a versatile and fun collection. The chillum, the bubbler pipe, and the vaporizer are the ideal combo if you are only going to start with three. I know technically a vape may not be a pipe, but they are so badass everyone should have one.

A chillum is a bit larger than a typical one-hitter but smaller than a spoon. They have an easy to pocket cylindrical shape. Glass chillums come in a large variety of designs and shapes. All offer the same decent bowl size and usually have a roll-stop built-in.

chillum pipesTHE BUBBLER
The bubbler has best features of a spoon pipe matched with the percolating power of a bong. These pipes are typically hammer, or Gandalf shaped glass pipes with long downstems that end in a percolating chamber. A thumb-carb releases the pressure in the chamber, and the hit travels down the mouthpiece.

Vaporizers are the way to go if you want to get impressively stoned. A vaporizer combines potency with flavor. If you have a bubbler and a chillum, then a vaporizer is likely where you will drop most of your investment. If you want a bargain, then the Dynavap is a highly durable non-electric vaporizer that works well and will last forever. The second latest Pax model is always a great choice, as well, because it's cheaper than the current but still works great. Pax vaporizers have always functioned effectively from the first model and are a solid investment.

If budgeting is not an issue for you, then making a desktop vape like the Volcano or Extreme Q your daily way of getting is a winning decision. Desktop vapes have larger bowls, faster heat-up time, and the ability to fill a big bag with vape that you can easily walk around or pass.

Hitting a bong produces a different high than smoking a joint or a vaporizer, but bongs can be cumbersome, expensive, and hard to store. Don't get me wrong, I love a bong, but we're talking about the best way to approach a minimum collection. Having a bubbler-pipe checks two boxes the same way the chillum fills the space for both a one-hitter and a spoon.

Each method of ingesting cannabis lends itself to a different experience. The glass bubbler delivers a constant smooth and potent hit that will get you in the clouds quickly. The chillum is excellent for short sessions and for sharing small bowls when out and about. The vaporizer is the workhorse of the three and provides you the flavor and the luxury that the other methods don't. Plus you can always pick up a pack of rolling papers if you get bored with any of those three options.



best bong to start withIf you want to upgrade this collection or are not sure about getting a vape, then the classic beaker bong is the best choice for you. The large chamber glass bong holds an enormous hit. As soon as you pull the bowl, the rush of smoke fills your lungs, and the high settles in quickly. Buying a bong instead of a vape or a bubbler makes sense and can also fill the position of a daily driver for your smoking needs.

There is a balance between getting high and the time you spend doing it. Each way of smoking or vaping falls somewhere on a spectrum of potency, time spent, and how long the high lasts. You wouldn't just have one type of tool in your garage or one paintbrush to paint a portrait. If you expand your collection, you increase the quality of your sessions as well

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