Zig Zag Natural Leaf Rough Cut Cigars (2-Pack)

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Zig Zag Rough Cut Cigars are designed specially for those seeking an elevated cigar experience. Made with Zig Zag Natural Leaf Wraps - the newest additon to Zig Zag's cigar wrap lineup. These cigars are made with the original tobacco leaf that is not processed and is simply cut and shaped to the perfect cigar size. This method preserves the leaf's natural imperfections and attributes. The wraps are filled with Zig Zag's premium tobacco and are perfect for those looking for a pure, unaltered and natural smoking experience.

  • Natural, Rough Cut Cigars
  • Made with Original Tobacco Leaf
  • Not Processed, Unadultered
  • Slow Burning, Smooth Taste
  • Preserves Leafs Natural Imperfections and Attributes
  • Filled with Zig Zag Premium Tobacco
  • Available in Several Flavors

NOTE: This product is made with tobacco leaf. Tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive and may be dangerous to your health. For full disclaimer please click here.

Brand Zig Zag
Material Tobacco Leaf
Cigars/Pack 2
Packs/Box 15

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