Zeppelin Metal Pipe for Dry Herbs

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The Zeppelin Metal Pipe is lightweight, windproof, and virtually smokeless. This awesome 3.75" beauty made of high-quality anodized aluminum is the super-discreet way to take quick hits of your favorite dry herb. 

The Zeppelin is a 2-piece, on-the-go smoking device consisting of a bowl and mouthpiece. The pipe unscrews in the middle for easy packing and cleaning.

There's no need to pre-pack this pipe with herb. When you want to take a smoke, just pack it once, hit it, and slide it back in your pocket. 

With its deep recessed bowl, you can even use the Zeppelin on windy days without hassle. The durable Zeppelin is the perfect pipe to use at home or while you're out doing what you love be it fishing, boating, hiking, camping, or biking. 

Very little smoke and smell escapes from the Zeppelin, making it the perfect pipe to hit in public. By the time you pack the bowl and take a hit, no one will even notice you smoked. 

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