ZAM 4ft Water Pipe

  • $349.99
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If you're looking for a bong that will test your limits, you've found your match right here. This ZAM 4-foot tall straight tube water pipe is da bomb! It's the perfect party piece that everyone will want to try.

When you use this super tall bong, your hits will be super smooth because the smoke has lots of time to cool as it makes its way up through the long neck to your awaiting lips on the comfortably flared mouthpiece. 

This incredibly tall beaker bong towers over other bongs, making it a sure-fire party pleaser. It's constructed of 5mm thick borosilicate glass, so there's nothing to worry about if you bump it hard or even drop it.

The six-slit diffuser downstem adds percolation to the smoke to ensure your hits are pure and smooth. The inbuilt ice catcher is there for those times you want to add some frostiness to your rips.

The ZAM 4-Foot Water Pipe is equipped with an 18.8mm female joint and includes a funnel-style herb bowl that sits at the end of the slitted downstem. 

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