White Rhino Pyrex Glass Straw

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The White Rhino Glass Straw is a perfect solution for those looking for a way to take quick and convenient dabs on the go. Heat the end of the glass straw and dab it into your favorite extracts for smooth hits wherever life takes you. Touch your straw to the sides of your concentrate, rather than putting concentrates in the tip, to prevent oils and waxes from being sucked up into the straw. The White Rhino Glass Straw works best with silicone jars or dishes that are heat resistant.

A Simple And Effective Option

Made from high-quality pyrex glass, the White Rhino Glass Straw measures 5" long with a 12mm diameter. This straw features a silicone cap to prevent messes while on the go. Compared to traditional concentrate and wax rigs, the glass dab straw is a simple, compact, and straightforward tool that is easier to clean and travel with. Conceal it in your pocket to enjoy almost anywhere. The clear pyrex glass lets you easily see the smoke that is being delivered for you to inhale. Durable, pyrex glass stays cooler and resists damage when dropped. See our White Rhino Quartz Straw as another affordable option.

  • On-the-Go Dab Solution
  • High-Quality Pyrex Glass
  • Silicone Cap Included
  • White Rhino Decal
Length 5”
Diameter 12mm
Glass Thickness 2mm

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