White Rhino Glass Honeycomb Screen

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Having a screen in your hand pipe, bowl or slide prevents any unwanted debris from entering your mouth or being wasted in your waterpipe during your sesh. The honeycomb screen from White Rhino provides a universal fit that not only saves your material and prevents Scooby Snacks, but also provides a smooth and consistent airflow. Try out a glass honeycomb screen in your piece and see what you've been missing!

  • Universal Fit - Fits Most Pipes/Bowls
  • Prevents from Inhaling Ash
  • Seven Diffusion Holes per Screen
  • Improves Air Flow
  • Stays in Place After Only 3-4 Uses
  • Excellent Repair Tool for Broken Bowls
  • Made from High Quality Glass
  • Easily Cleaned and Reused
  • Includes 1 Glass Honeycomb Pipe Screen
  • Diameter: .375"

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