White Rhino Glass Diamond Spinner Carb Cap

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The Glass Diamond Spinner Carb Cap from White Rhino is designed with special spiraled grooves that allow airflow to spin inside your banger. The vortex action is great for covering more surface area as well as spinning terp pearls inside your banger. The spinning carb cap is 1.15" at it's widest and 1.35" in height. The flat top allows for a dual use that can be used as a regular carb cap as well. This carb cap pairs perfect with White Rhino Terp Pearls for the ultimate dabbing experience.

  • Spinning Carb Cap
  • Flat Top Doubles as Regular Carb Cap
  • Perfect for Spinning Terp Pearls
  • Fits Nearly Any Flat Top Banger
  • White Rhino Decal
Brand White Rhino
Material Glass
Width 1.15"
Height 1.35"

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