White Rhino Bubble V2 Carb Cap

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The second version of White Rhino's Bubble Carp Cap is a smaller version than the original. It eliminates the long tubes at the top and bottom of the cap and replaces it with a small air inlet at the top and a directional airflow tip at the bottom. The bubble design allows you to move the point in all directions in your banger to make sure you vaporize every last drop of your valuable concentrates.

  • Bubble Carb Cap
  • Directional Airflow
  • Version 2 of White Rhino's Bubble Carb Cap
  • Eliminates Waste and Maximizes Vaporization
  • Works with Most Bangers
  • White Rhino Decal
Brand White Rhino
Material Glass
Size 1.25" x 1.25"

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