Weedgets Maze-X Hand Pipe

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If you like the convenience of using a hand pipe to enjoy a nice smoke, but don't appreciate the harshness and coughing that often comes with using a pipe, meet the Weedgets Maze-X. This hand pipe is unlike any pipe you've seen before and it's setting new standards in the industry! 

The Maze-X offers unprecedented smoke smoothness with far less coughing and more protection for your lungs. It uses a patented coughless technology that drastically cools the smoke and removes hot resin and tar. The result is a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience that doesn't wreak havoc on your tongue, throat, or lungs. 

There's a cavity built in under the boro glass bowl that retains resin and tar. The long maze-like path through the aircraft-grade aluminum stem cools the smoke and retains more resin and tar. Just above the tapered mouthpiece that's made of medical-grade silicone, there's a steel screen that blocks any dry bits from entering your mouth. 

The Maze-X is designed for taking short, gentle puffs. After just one use, you'll be amazed at how light and smooth this pipe hits. The Maze-X comes with a cover that fits tightly on the bowl and the whole thing is very easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol or grease-removing soap and water. It's a brilliant hand pipe you'll wonder how you ever lived without it once you give it a try! The Maze-X is available in Blue and Black. 

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