Vodka Glass Rosaline Diamond Series Water Pipe

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The beautifully-named Rosaline is an elegant water pipe that stands 11 inches tall. This luxurious piece is produced by Famous Brandz as a part of its Vodka Glass Diamond Series. This series consists of an amazing selection of aesthetically-pleasing glass bongs with diamond-cut bases, mouthpieces, and matching bowls. 

The Rosline features a neat stemless design. The bong is equipped with an 18.8mm female ground joint and comes with a stylish and roomy 18.8mm male herb bowl.

Every hit you take from the pinched pyramid chamber mouthpiece is smoothly satisfying thanks to the onboard diamond-cut matrix percolator that's housed within the base.

The Rosaline's unique design not only looks amazing but it also works to create the Venturi effect by compressing the airpath in the center. This decreases the velocity of each hit while increasing the time the smoke is allowed to cool within the thick boro glass walls of the pyramid chamber. 

The Rosaline is decked out with a Vodka Glass decal on the neck and a matching Diamond Series emblem on the fixed downstem. There's an ice catcher in the neck of the bong that doubles as a splash guard so you can enjoy the coolest hits possible without getting any bong water in your mouth. The thick, 4.5-inch wide base of the bong ensures it stays stable when placed on a table between rips.

If you're looking for a statement piece that delivers amazingly smooth rips, the Rosaline won't disappoint. It's elegant, functional, durable, and a bong designed to take your dry herb enjoyment to the next level. 


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