Vibes King Size Organic Hemp Cubano Cone

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From influencer, Berner, this Cubano Cone by Vibes is crafted of 100% organic hemp fibers for a healthy roll your own experience. The massive size of Cubano cones is no joke, holding an impressive 8 grams of your favorite herb. Featuring a slow, smooth burn for a longer lasting sesh the Cubano will keep the party going all night long. Each Cubano cone features a built in filter tip to prevent unwanted ash from being sucked through.

Cubano cones are a great way to enjoy a roll your own experience with minimal work. Ready to go out of the box, all you need to do is pack your favorite herb tightly and light it up. Enjoy!

  • Largest Vibes Cones Available
  • 8+ Gram Capacity
  • Built in Vibes Filter
  • 100% Organic Hemp
  • No Added Calcium Carbonate
  • Natural Acacia Tree Gum
Brand Vibes
Size King
Material Hemp
Cones/Pack 1
Packs/Box 24

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