VIBES Sleek 4-Piece Metal Grinder

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The Vibes 4-Piece Grinder is from the world-famous Vibes rolling paper company that knows what smokers want. This is a robust portable grinder made from aircraft-quality aluminum. It's lightweight, durable, and engineered for your grinding convenience.

The Vibes 4-Piece Grinder uses razor-sharp, diamond-shaped teeth to finely shred your dry herb to the perfect consistency. With a precision-balanced head and powerful neodymium magnets, the teeth make easy work of grinding with every turning motion.

This grinder offers a pollen catcher and an integrated scraper for you to retrieve the leftover kief when you want. From the sleek aluminum finish that resists scratching & flaking on the outside to the well-thought-out technology inside, there's nothing not to love about the Vibes 4-Piece portable grinder. Pick your favorite color from Black or Gold and get yours today. 

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