V Syndicate Non-Stick Grinder Card

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A grinder card is an indispensable smoking accessory that's perfect for grinding on the go. This V Syndicate Non-Stick Grinder Card is made of durable surgical-grade steel. It's designed to easily cut through herbs of any consistency to create a uniform and fluffy ground that's perfect for rolling. 

With just a few short strokes, this credit-card sized grinder will grate your herbs against its metal teeth while the non-stick surface prevents you from creating a sticky icky mess. It's simple, discreet, durable, and efficient. Plus, it fits right inside your wallet, pocket, or purse for quick, easy, and discreet use. 

Perhaps the best thing about this 3.5" x 2" handy grinder card is that it comes in some of V Syndicate's best full color artistic designs. Whether you prefer a design that's funny, cute, or unique, you're sure to find one to your liking. 

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