V Syndicate 4-Piece CleanCut Non-Stick Grinder

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Tired of using a grinder that gets all gummed up when trying to grind through sticky herb? Switch to a V Syndicate CleanCut Non-Stick Grinder and kiss those messy days goodbye. This 4-piece grinder features non-stick ceramic-coated grinding teeth that will shred through your flower with ease. 

The grinder has a magnetic lid to keep your herbs inside, even when grinding through dense nugs. There's a  durable pollen screen onboard so you can collect all that ultra-fine kief for later use.

The CleanCut grinder is available in a range of fantastic full color artwork designs that allow you to express yourself when prepping your herbs for a smoke sesh. This durable grinder is available in two sizes: 2.2" (55mm) and 2.5" (63mm) with both sizes being pocket and purse friendly. The grinder comes with two mini scrapers to ensure not a bit of your herb goes to waste. 

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