UV Reactive "Peyote" Dry Pipe

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The Peyote Dry Pipe is one of Empire Glassworks' most beautiful pieces. It's a unique pipe your eyes are drawn to right from the start. Inside the thick, clear glass dome is a  Peyote cactus plant in bloom resting on a bed of moss. 

This pipe is constructed of thick and durable boro glass, so it's not a piece that will crack or break easily. The unique feature of the Peyote pipe is the added UV-reactive glass accents that give the pipe a mystical glow when it's near UV or blacklight. 

There's a carb hole on the side of the pipe to use to control your rips. When you light the bowl and draw on the smooth mouthpiece located at the peak of the clear glass dome, you can enjoy watching the domed chamber fill with smoke.

Like most Empire pieces, this is a true eyecatcher that any smoker would love to have in their collection.

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