UFO Oil Rig

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Get blasted and enjoy a trip to another dimension with this 7.5-inch tall funky UFO Oil Rig. This dab rig with the cool UFO shape has a disc-style perc onboard to ensure your rips are silky smooth and easy on your throat & lungs.

This compact, travel-friendly rig is made of durable borosilicate glass and is supported by a well-balanced base to ensure it won't wobble or tip over. 

This 14.5mm female-jointed clear glass rig comes with a 14.5mm male quartz banger. It features matching color accents on the mouthpiece, fixed downstem, perc, and base to make it a real standout piece. 

The rig comes in an assortment of accent colors. The color you get depends upon availability. Order your UFO Oil Rig so you can take your concentrate enjoyment to a whole new level of awesome. 

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