Two Tone Wooden Pipe

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For those times you don't want to roll a joint or can't, pull out this beautiful 3.75-inch Two Tone Wooden Pipe. This little beauty is made of real wood and is fitted with a recessed metal bowl. It features a magnetic lid that either slides out or swivels out from the side.

When you order this wooden pipe, you'll be sent a random piece. The pipes with magnetic covers that swivel out from the side have a storage space for the removable mouthpiece. The pipes with magnetic covers that fully slide out, come with double the storage space. Regardless of which type you get, you can remove the mouthpiece when you're not using your pipe to neatly tuck it away inside the pipe's body. 

This is a beautiful, compact pocket pipe designed for taking discreet hits of your favorite herbs. It makes a terrific, low-cost gift for any pipe smoker you know. Order yours today!

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