Twisty Mini Glass Blunt

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Meet the smallest member of the Twisty Glass Blunt family by 7 Pipe called the Twisty Glass Mini. The extremely portable and discreet Twisty Mini measures just 2.75" long and holds 0.5 grams of your ground herb.

The Mini is just what you need for taking for quick, small hits on the run. It's made of incredibly durable German-engineered Schott glass so it can handle a bit of rough treatment. It's also sized perfectly to slide in your pocket or pop in your purse for discreet on-the-go toking. 

Using the Twisty Glass Mini is easy. Pack up to 0.5 grams into the glass tube, twist the mouthpiece counterclockwise to pack the tube, light the end, and take a puff. To ash, twist the mouthpiece clockwise and the ash will be pushed out, leaving just fresh herb for your next hit. 

Inside the glass tube is a brass spiral that attaches to the mouthpiece. The spiral not only moves your ground weed through the 5 chambers as you enjoy your puffs, but it also cools the smoke so your hits are especially smooth. 

The patented Twisty design of the Mini features an infini-cherry that minimizes the need to re-light. The cherry on the mini is 50% smaller so it delivers gentler hits that are easy on your throat and lungs.

If you can't finish the 0.5 grams or want to save the rest for later, simply put the silicone end caps on and tuck your Mini away for your next session. 

With no papers, no filters, and no rolling, the discreet and pocketable Twisty Mini is a quick and convenient way to enjoy your weed. Get yours today and join the paperless smoking revolution! 

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