Tsunami Sprinkler Recycler Water Pipe

Tsunami Sprinkler Recycler Water Pipe

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This mini concentrate rig by Tsunami is compact in size but big in features. It's a 6-inch rig that's sophisticated in style yet simple in design. It's equipped with a sprinkler percolator for bubbling water infusion so your rips are smooth and satisfying.

To ensure all your hits are ultra-filtered so they're easy on your throat and lungs, this little rig features a well-designed recycler tube. Every rip you take will be flavorful and pure as it swirls through the uniquely designed chamber that provides a secure grip.

This small rig is made of thick and durable high-quality glass. It's travel-friendly and comes with a 14.5mm male banger.  

Enjoying your favorite concentrates is fun and easy with the small but robust Tsunami Sprinkler Recycler concentrate rig. To remind you the rig is a quality piece, it's adorned with a gold Tsunami Glass logo.

Enjoy your concentrates like never before using this amazing mini rig that delivers big & smooth flavor-packed rips. 

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