Tsunami Showerhead Water Pipe

Tsunami Showerhead Water Pipe

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Made by Tsunami Glass, this 11-inch showerhead concentrate rig churns out smooth and tasty hits with its built-in showerhead percolator. This is an attractive cost-effective rig that won't break the bank. It features a simple, sturdy design and is built to last with 4mm thick & durable premium glass. The simplicity of the design makes this rig easy to maintain & clean, which is always a plus! 

When you load the 18.8mm male banger with concentrate and inhale, you can watch the bubbling action build up in the clear glass chamber. Your smoke will move up through the slightly curved mouthpiece after it's been filtered with bubbling water. All your rips will be cool, smooth, and tasty

The Showerhead Water Pipe won't tip over when you set it down between rips or when loading your concentrates into the banger, thanks to its wide round base. This is a travel-friendly rig you can pack in your bag for group seshes. It also makes a great daily driver for those times you're chillin' on the couch and want to enjoy your favorite waxes and oils. 

Adorned with a gold Tsunami Glass logo on the chamber and color accents on the round base and mouthpiece, this is a beautiful rig you'll love to admire and show off to your friends. 

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