Tsunami Multiple Perc Water Pipe

Tsunami Multiple Perc Water Pipe

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Meet the beautiful and powerful Tsunami 20-inch Barrel Showerhead Drum Heart Honeycomb Bong. When you pack the 14.5mm male herb bowl, light up, and take a hit, you'll get a hit so smooth you'll wonder why you ever smoked from anything else. 

This beauty has everything you need to enjoy every single puff you take including a system of percolators to deliver unbelievably smooth and gentle hits. 

As you draw, the smoke travels through the reinforced fixed downstem into the triple barrel percolator for incredible bubbling filtration. It then moves up toward the heart of the bong to the showerhead drum percolator that cools it down. 

At the top of the drum perc is a honeycomb percolator disc that adds another layer of cooling filtration to your hit for the cleanest and smoothest rip you’ve ever taken. If you enjoy icy hits, there are ice notches located above the honeycomb disc perc for that frosty touch you desire. 

This big percolator bong is adorned with gold Tsunami Glass logos on the mouthpiece tube, the reinforced downstem attachment, and the body. For an added touch of class, there are color accents on the mouthpiece rim and extra-thick base in your choice of Amber, Green, or Blue. 

Don’t hesitate on this one. It’s a robust, amazing bong you’ll never regret owning. Snatch yours today. 

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