Tsunami Micro Water Pipe

Tsunami Micro Water Pipe

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The Tsunami Micro 10-inch concentrate rig is proof that good things come in small packages. This compact little rig with the 14.5mm male joint may lack some height but it never slacks off when it comes to filtering your rips. 

Simply designed with a slitted downstem percolator, the Micro bubbles and purifies the smoke before it's delivered to you via the curved comfortably ribbed mouthpiece. This beautiful & durable rig is constructed of thick premium glass and features an extra-thick base to make it super sturdy. 

You can get the most out of your favorite concentrates with the Micro rig that's designed to make all your seshes pleasurable. This rig is adorned with a Tsunami Glass logo on the clear glass chamber and has beautiful color accents on the mouthpiece and base for added eye-appeal.

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