Tsunami "Tree Orb" Inline Tree Perc Concentrate Rig

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Uh oh. A tsunami is coming. But this one isn't going to level an entire town and kill your family (hopefully). It's just going get you FUBAR.

The Tsunami Inline Tree Perc Concentrate Rig features one of glass engineering's most intricate marvels-- the tree perc. A tree perc features multiple tree branch like glass tubes with small slits on each arm that descend into the base of the piece. The result is comprehensive filtration and flavorful dabs. 

Like a tsunami, the hits you take will wash over you with amazing flavor so you can truly enjoy the fine characteristics of your favorite concentrates. This rig is outfitted with a slitted inline diffuser that leads into a bubble-shaped chamber. You'll love watching the smoke swirl around in the multi-armed tree perc.

At 8 inches, it's not too much to handle, but enough to be formidable. The angle at which the mouthpiece rests is perfectly designed for maximum convenience. With an included 14mm male quartz thermal banger, 

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