Tsunami Honeycomb Water Pipe

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A reliable and good looking go-to rig for dabbing newbies and experts alike, the 11-inch Honeycomb Water Pipe by Tsunami Glass ticks all the right boxes. This compact and durable concentrate rig is made from thick premium glass. It's got an extra thick base to ensure it won't tip over when you set it on a flat surface to load the 14.5mm female banger. 

On top of its elegant and simple design, this rig is outfitted with a honeycomb perc that infuses all your hits with bubbling water to ensure they're buttery smooth. It's a pleasure to dab with this rig thanks in part to its curved mouthpiece that's positioned just right. 

This beautiful rig is adorned with a Tsunami Glass logo and has color accents that really pop on the base, perc, reinforced downstem attachment, and the mouthpiece rim. It would make a great addition to a growing glass collection and an excellent daily driver that consistently delivers flavorful and smooth rips that bring out the best in your favorite concentrates. 

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