Tsunami Globe Water Pipe

Tsunami Globe Water Pipe

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The gorgeous Tsunami Showerhead Globe Water Pipe is a perfect addition for your existing glass collection or a great way to start building one!

This 11-inch tall water pipe is made with premium glass and features a globe-shaped body and a wide base. This gives it a cool appearance but also allows impressive stability and filtration, which is further boosted with the slitted showerhead percolator that sits in the bottom. All these featuers come togetyher to provide you with smooth and cooled hits with unparalleled flavor. 

This rig is outfited with a 14.5mm male joint and comes with a 4mm thick vortex banger with a 14.5mm female joint. The angled mouthpiece of the Showerhead Globe ensures comfortable inhaling with every rip you take. 

This uniquely designed rig is completed with a gold Tsunami logo and color accents in your choice of blue, amber, or green.  

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