Tsunami Diamond Base Water Pipe

Tsunami Diamond Base Water Pipe

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The big and aesthetically-pleasing 16-inch Diamond Base bong by Tsunami Glass has everything you could ever want in terms of looks and function. This all-glass bong with the extraordinary design is bursting at the seams with features. 

The Diamond Base sports a double spore percolator, a grenade-shaped body, a diamond-cut base, and a turbine disc perc. When combined, these features blow you away with smoothness and flavor. This water pipe produces thick barrels of filtered, diffused smoke thanks to its cutting-edge design and finely tuned functionality. 

This bong is a real show stopper with its amazing design. It's made of thick and durable high-quality glass and offers decorative maria rings that offer you a good grip when taking your hits. 

The wide and beautiful diamond-cut base ensures the piece won't tip over when you set it down between rips or when loading the 14.5mm male glass bowl with your herbs. 

If it's time to step up your smoking game with a new bong, the Diamond Base will take you there. This water pipe ticks all the right boxes in form and function to deliver superior puffs of your favorite strains that are easy on your throat and lungs. 

This bong features gold Tsunami Glass logos on the curved reinforced downstem, male glass bowl, and the main smoke chamber. It comes in your choice of White or Black color accents.

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