Total Flame Dragster Telescopic Papirosa Tubes (20-Pack)

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It's about time for a game-changing roll your own product and Total Flame has done it! Introducing the Total Flame Dragster Telescopic Papirosa Tubes; the world's first extendable pre-rolled tube that allows for an extremely easy loading process with no packing tool required. Pack by hand or use the built in filter to inhale through the mouthpiece to quickly load your tube. It's that easy! Then twist the end and light it up! Dragster tubes are organic and contain no chemicals or glues.

  • Telescopic Design (105mm - 130mm)
  • Kraft Paper
  • 100% Organic - No Chemicals or Glues
  • Two Ways to Fill
  • Built in Filter
  • Tubes/Pack: 20
  • Packs/Box: 20

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