Toke Tech Shroom Kingdom Bong

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You'll feel like royalty when smoking from this 9-inch tall Toke Tech bong called the Shroom Kingdom Bong. It's made of high-quality glass and has a mushroom percolator inside the clear glass chamber that filters and diffuses the smoke. All the hits you take from the mushroom-shaped mouthpiece are guaranteed to be smoothly satisfying. 

This bong is comfortable to use and easy to handle with the bent neck design. The thick round base ensures it stays stable when packing the bowl or when it's placed on your table between hits. 

This 14.5mm female-jointed bong comes with a 14.5mm male bowl with a handle for easy lifting. The bent neck is adorned with the Toke Tech logo. The Shroom Kingdom comes in your choice of Aqua, Black, Blue, Green, Milky Green, and Milky Purple. 

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