Toke Tech Mini Recycler Oil Rig

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The 7-inch tall Toke Tech Mini Recycler Oil Rig is designed to help you get the most enjoyment from your favorite concentrates. This recycler may be small but it's big on features! It's made of durable high-quality glass and outfitted with a standard 10mm female joint and a fixed diffused downstem to smooth your hits. 

This clear glass rig looks great with its bent neck and flared mouthpiece that forms a tight seal with your lips. The rig comes with a10mm male banger with a deep bucket. The deep bucket design helps contain messy oils and allows you to take big puffs for longer seshes and more dabbing satisfaction.

The extra recycler tubes work to send the smoke on an additional journey as it makes its way to your awaiting lips so it has more time to cool and smooth before you inhale. Instead of choking and coughing when you take a hit, you'll enjoy flavorful, non-harsh rips. 

There's a Toke Tech logo embossed on the front of the bent neck to remind you that you're using a quality rig made to last. The Mini Recycler Oil Rig is the perfect size for solo seshing and travel because it fits easily into a backpack or bag. 

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