Toke Tech Inline Perc Bong

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The Inline Perc Bong from Toke Tech uses guessed it...inline percolator to smooth and cool your rips. This type of perc is designed to deliver a diffused and powerful hit. The multiple slits in the perc create lots of diffusion which in turn makes lots of bubbles to result in hits that are smooth, cool, and less irritating to your throat and lungs.

This handsome 10.5-inch tall water pipe is equipped with a 18.8mm female joint and comes with a 18.8mm male herb bowl with a handle.

The bong's bent neck makes it comfortable to use, even when you're laying back on the couch chillaxin'. On top of all that, the bong has a fixed reinforced downstem, a thick round base for stability, and a flared mouthpiece that forms a tight seal with your lips. 

The Inline Perc Bong is made of high-quality glass that's durable and long-lasting. It's decorated with a Toke Tech logo on the front of the bent neck and a color accent on the perc that comes in your choice of black, blue, green, clear, or white. 

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