Toke Tech Double Tree Perc Bong

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What's better than one percolator to smooth your rips? Two percs of course! The 11-inch tall Double Tree Perc Bong by Toke Tech delivers twice the amount of fun for all your smoke seshes with its twin tree percs. 

The stacked percs work in unison to break up and filter the smoke as it moves through the bent neck to the flared mouthpiece for you to inhale.

This bong is a durable piece made of thick, high-quality glass. It has color accents on the base, mouthpiece, and top of the double perc in your choice of black, aqua, dark blue, light blue, green, milky purple, or pink. 

The Double Tree Perc is equipped with a 14.5mm female joint, a reinforced fixed downstem, and a thick round base for stability. It comes with a 14.5mm funnel-style male herb bowl complete with a handle to protect your fingers from the heat. 

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