Toke Tech Beaker Bong - Tall Boy

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This awesome giant beaker bong by Toke Tech is poised and ready to challenge you and your friends. Standing an impressive 19-inches tall and featuring an 18.8mm>14.5mm diffused downstem, this big boy offers plenty of diffusion for those giant hits you crave. 

The Tall Boy Beaker Bong has an ice pinch on board for those times you want some frosty goodness added to your rips. This bong comes delivered to your door with a 14.5mm funnel-style male herb bowl complete with a handle for easy use.

This beastly bong has color accents on the long neck and the base in your choice of Amber, Black, Blue, or White. The neck is adorned with the Toke Tech logo that looks real nice. The simple design of this bong makes it easy to clean so you can keep it looking like brand new! 

The flared mouthpiece forms a tight seal with your lips so you can enjoy every last bit of smoke. The Tall Boy is a great party piece and an impressive bong you'll want to keep out on display! 

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