The Terpometer

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Timers. infrared temp guns, and chazzed bangers are now a thing of the past thanks to the Terpometer. The innovative and portable Terpometer is the world's first thermometer specifically calibrated for quartz, ceramic, or titanium surfaces. 

When you use the Terpometer, the LCD screen will display the real-time temperature as soon as you touch the unit to your heated banger. The screen will illuminate green to tell you when the time is ideal for applying your extracts so you can enjoy the optimal effects and flavors. 

When you dab using the Terpometer, you'll get more enjoyment and efficiency from your seshes, which is what dabbing should be all about after all! This clever tool takes the guesswork out of knowing when your banger is hot enough and it's super easy to use. 

The Terpometer has a dab tool on the other end of the temperature sensor. This means you won't lose a second nor risk getting out of your ideal temp by dabbing instantly after you've checked your banger's temperature. The portable unit also has a USB charger that makes it easy to plug into a power source practically anywhere. 

Using the Terpometer is easy. Press the power button three times to turn it on. Then place the sensor end onto your banger. The number on the LCD screen will go up and down, and once it stabilizes, you'll know the actual temperature. The screen will also become either blue, red, or green.

Until the screen is green, heat the banger again or let it cool down according to whether the screen is blue or red. Once you get the green go-light, flip the Terpometer and use the dab tool at the other end to put your dab into the nail. It's that easy! The sleek, portable, and lightweight Terpometer is available in Black, Titanium, Red, and Blue.

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