The PowerHitter

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The crowd-pleasing and timeless PowerHitter is an indestructible party favorite that gives new meaning to 'puff, puff, pass!'. This durable plastic smoking device blasts a steady stream of smoke directly into your mouth with no contact required on the mouthpiece, making it one very sanitary way to smoke a pre-roll. 

Using the PowerHitter is simple. Light up a pre-roll and insert it into the J Holder in the cap. Screw the cap on the bottle, cover the carb, then grip the bottle and rip it without lipping it!

Since the PowerHitter is a totally self-contained unit, you won't have any ashes or hot embers to worry about nor any wasted material. The bottle captures 100% of the smoke for zero wastage which means the only smoke you're putting in the environment is what you exhale after taking a rip. Plus, you can smoke every last bit of your pre-roll without needing to use a finger-burning roach clip which is super cool! 

The 7-inch long PowerHitter is perfect for parties, festivals, or any event where smoking is allowed. It's a blast to use and a device you'll want with you whenever you go out - in case you feel like enjoying a quick and potent smoke. The PowerHitter is available in Blue or Pink. 

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