The Kind Pen EZ Pipe

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Enjoy your favorite dry herbs the discreet and EZ way with the EZ Pipe by The Kind Pen. No, this isn't a vaporizer pen, it's a pipe and lighter combo that's perfect for taking discreet hits on the go. 

Using the handheld EZ Pipe is a cinch. Just swivel open the top metal lid, pack the bowl, and close the lid. Then slide your Bic, Clipper, or generic lighter into the sleeve, pop up the mouthpiece, light and enjoy! 

The EZ Pipe is virtually smokeless and windproof and it conserves  your dry herbs without leaving any waste behind. The metal top and stainless steel bottom is held onto the pipe's plastic base with a magnet, making it easy to remove and clean. 

There's a poker tool built into the bottom of the EZ Pipe for your convenience. The EZ Pipe comes in a wide variety of colors so there's sure to be one that matches your style. 

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