“The Inception” Internal Tunnel Dab Rig

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Inception - "The establishment or starting point of an institution or activity."

Looking for an unbeatable piece to start with? Look no further. Whether you're a complete newbie to the smoking world or a well season sesher, The "Inception" water pipe suits all.

This rig is scientific in its nature, and is made completely of sturdy, clear, and translucent glass. The diffusion system on this piece is quite interesting, and extremely enjoyable to watch in action. As the smoke is pulled down into the bottom chamber, it is filtered to a cooler temperature through the inverted showerhead. Once it passes through the showerhead it travels through the beautiful curves of the inception egg, where it's further cooled to a smooth consistent hit. Overall this simple piece is deceptive in how efficient and effective it can be, and is definitely good value for the price of the water pipe.

Note: This piece now comes with a flower bowl. To use with concentrates, please purchase a banger or other concentrate accessory separately.

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