Tear & Toke Foldable Disposable Pipes

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Ever find yourself wishing you had a pipe that you didn't have to carry around with you everywhere and that you could get rid of easily after use? The Tear & Toke solves that problem and makes a perfect pipe for camping, hiking, festivals and more. The Tear & Toke card contains three credit card-sized individual foldable pipes that fit perfectly in your wallet or purse. Whenever you need one, just pull it out and fold it into place in seconds. Tear & Toke pipes can be reused but you can also just toss them out and fold a new one next time you need it!

  • Three Credit Card-Sized Foldable Pipes
  • Fits Perfectly in Wallet or Purse
  • Reusable and Disposable
  • Assemble a Pipe in Seconds
  • Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Festivals and More
  • Affordable Disposable Pipes for Any Occasion
  • Pipes/Card: 3
  • Length: 3.5"

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