Tall Bent Neck Double Disc Perc Water Pipe

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If you cherish extra smooth and tasty rips when enjoying your favorite herbal strains, take a good look at this tall water pipe that's outfitted with dual percolators. The pipe's two disc percs makes for excellent diffusion and filtration so you can get those luscious rips you crave. 

The long bent neck design makes this piece comfortable to use and it prevents bong water from splashing into your mouth. This water pipe is made of thick and durable glass and it's available in all clear or clear glass with green accents. 

The Tall Bent Neck Double Disc Perc Water Pipe is a study piece with its reinforced downstem and thick round base that prevents it from wobbling or tipping over. The pipe comes with a male herb slide complete with a handle for easy lifting and to prevent you from burning your fingers on a hot bowl. 

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