Straight Ice Bong with Matrix Perc

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This Impressive straight percolator ice bong with colorful accents catches your eye right off the bat. It's a 12-inch tall water pipe made of 3mm thick high-quality clear glass with a classic straight tube design. Inside the tube is a matrix percolator that filters and smooths the smoke.

The Straight Ice Bong with Matrix Perc is built with an 18.8mm female joint and comes with an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted downstem diffuser and a handled 14.5mm male herb bowl. There are ice notches built into the straight tube for adding a frosty touch to your rips.

The rimmed mouthpiece is super comfortable against your lips and the thick round foot keeps the piece sturdy. This bong looks fantastic with the color accents on the mouthpiece, round foot, and joint. The accents are available in your choice of Dark Blue, Milky Blue, Jade Green, or Teal. 

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