Straight Ice Bong with Matrix Perc

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This bong hits us in all the right ways. It's slick, elegant, well-built, just the right size, and has the sheer power to knock you out. It's made entirely out of durable borosilicate glass that's decorated with colored accents throughout. On the inside, you'll find a magnificent combo of a slitted diffuser downstem, a powerful matrix percolator, and a 3-pinch ice catcher. These will diffuse, filter, and chill your smoke, so you can have fantastic smoke seshes every time you light up. 

Some seriously big clouds are to be made with this beast of a bong. It also sports a rimmed mouthpiece, a 14.5 mm male herb bowl with a handle, and a thick circular base that keeps everything nice and stable. This powerhouse is available with dark blue, jade green, or milky blue colored accents. Measures 12.5 inches tall.

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