Straight Bong with Double Showerhead Perc

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Pieces like this get us excited each and every time. Maybe we're suckers for glass that looks incredibly beautiful. Or maybe we're not crazy. This straight water pipe is made from durable scientific glass and has tons of goodies on the inside and the outside. First and foremost, the interior: you'll see two slitted showerhead percolators that will filter your smoke and make sure you can milk some huge rips of nothing but pure flavor.

Then there's the exterior. The neck is bent, the mouthpiece is rimmed, and the downstem is fixed on the outside. All of this makes this piece extremely comfortable to use. The base is round, thick, and stable and matches the other colorful accents throughout. This 14-inch beauty is available in Milky Green, Milky Purple, Milky Pink, and Yellow.

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