Standing Elephant Head Bubbler

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This might be just a bubbler to some, but to us it's a work of art. We're sure you'll agree. Everything about this piece screams "UNIQUE!" and there's good reason for it. It has a very thick construction, including the worked glass. And everything is so cleverly designed and fits together amazingly well.

The mouthpiece is actually a spot on rendition of an elephant's head. The trunk connects the mouthpiece to the base. We're telling you - the details on this piece are so incredible that we're having a hard time describing them in words. Not even photos do them justice - it's a piece you'll want to try out with your own hands.

The multiple glass millis, the marbles, the white tusks, the wrinkles, the red petals that match the ears... everything executed in pure perfectionist form. If bubbles are fun, then imagine what this piece does to the word "fun". It takes it to another dimension. It's incredible. And it's a true connoisseur's choice. 

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