Standing Bubbler with Removable Bowl

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When you want to skip the unpleasantries of the harshness that can accompany smoking from a hand pipe and you don't feel like using your bong, pull out this Standing Bubbler. This compact unit delivers exceptionally smooth rips you'll love. 

Made of durable quality glass, this bubbler stands upright on its wide thick base. The bubbler's included glass bowl with a handle is removable for easy cleaning. 

To use this bubbler, add some water, pack the bowl with herb, and light up. The smoke will travel down the diffuser downstem into the lower chamber to the bubbling water. The water-cooled smoke will then make its way up through the bent neck to your awaiting lips on the slim mouthpiece. 

The bubbler comes in all clear glass or with color accents on the downstem and mouthpiece. This bubbler is fun to use and delivers big bong-quality rips in a smaller, more practical size. 

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