Stacked-Cake Dab Rig with Colored Accents

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This 6.5-inch tall rig got its name from its design that resembles a scrumptious stacked cake. You know, like the cake everybody loves, that's one layer of goodness after another. 

The Stacked Cake Dab Rig is made of durable clear glass. It's outfitted with a polished 14.5mm female joint and a fire-cut diffuser that filters and smoothes the smoke before you inhale it from the flared mouthpiece that sits at the end of the bent neck.

Included with this travel-friendly rig is a 2mm-4mm quartz banger of which the style may vary, according to availability. This little rig comes in frost or sapphire accent colors, which is your choice to make. The color accents are on the mouthpiece and the glass marble that's attached to the body. 

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