Stache ConNectar Replacement Clapton Coil (2-Pack)

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If you love your Stache ConNectar, it's important to keep it in good condition by replacing burnt out or clogged coils to keep it hitting smooth. If you've purchased the Stache ConNectar, you kit already includes one coil, however, it's important to always have extra on hand in case on is damaged, clogged or burnt out.

The Clapton coils provide a larger surface area than traditional coil tips. This give the coil more area to come in contact with your wax that provides larger, more flavorful hits that highlight the natural taste of the terpenes.

These coils couldn't be easier to replace. Simply unscrew your old coil from the mouthpiece, discard, and screw on a fresh new coil.

  • Compatible with Stache ConNectar
  • Larger Surface Area Compared to Traditional Coil Tips
  • Provides Larger, More Flavorful Hits
  • Easy to Replace
Brand Stache Products
Coils/Pack 2

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