Sprinkler Recycler Water Pipe

Sprinkler Recycler Water Pipe

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You don't have to use a big concentrate rig to get big and bold smooth hits. This 7-inch Tsunami Sprinkler Recycler Rig utilizes a sprinkler percolator to infuse the smoke you inhale through the perfectly angled mouthpiece with buttery smoothness you'll love.

When you use this compact rig with a shapely design, you'll enjoy the clean pure flavors of your concentrates. The rig delivers an extra layer of diffusion through its external recycling tubes to elevate each puff you take. 

Made of thick and durable high-quality glass, this small rig is robust and built to last. It's the perfect piece for solo seshes and one you can easily pack in your bag to take with you. This rig won't tip over when you set it on a flat surface between rips or when loading the banger. It's supported by a wide & sturdy base for extra stability. 

Included is a 14.5mm male quartz banger that can be loaded with as little or as much of your favorite concentrates. This clear glass rig is adorned with a gold Tsunami Glass logo for a touch of class. 

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