Solopipe Elektra Self-Igniting Hand Pipe

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The team at Solopipe knows that it's inconvenient to use two hands when you're trying to smoke a pipe. You have to hold your pipe in one hand while using the other hand to spark your lighter, and that can get real awkward! That's why the brand offers the well-designed, unique, and clever Elektra Self-Igniting Hand Pipe

The Elektra features one of the coolest pipe designs ever. This pipe features a rechargeable heated coil that’s cleverly embedded in a removable pure ceramic bowl. When you ignite the coil and take your hit, the all-glass stem cools the smoke for a pleasant smoking experience. All this awesomeness is protected by the Elektra’s durable zinc alloy body that looks amazing! 

The Elektra is simple, compact, elegant, and features exquisite workmanship in every little detail. This 2-in-1 smoking device features a sliding bowl cover that allows you to expose the bowl when you're ready to light up. When you're done smoking, slide the cover shut and be on your way with no worries about spillage in your pocket or purse.

In short, the Elektra is pure genius! It's beautiful too, whether you choose the chrome/black or gunmetal/black color. Perfect for travel, the Elektra’s heated coil works in wind and rain so you can enjoy a smoke regardless of the weather. There’s even a convenient storage area above the bowl so you’ll always be ready for your next smoke sesh. 

This one-of-a-kind pipe/lighter combo is ideal for travel. It also makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys taking quick discreet hits of dry herb. The Elektra comes in two color choices and is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty. 

In the box: 

1x Elektra rechargeable lighter & pipe 
1x Removable mouthpiece 
2x Removable ceramic bowl with heated coil 
1x Multipurpose poker/packer tool 
1x USB charging cable 

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