Simple Solid Quartz Dab Straw

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Using a glass dab rig can be hard if you're usually on the go. That's why you should pick up this quartz dab straw that lets you dab with ease, no matter where you are. This dab straw features a tree perc in the chamber that cools and smooths your dabs. 

Using this Solid Quartz Dab Straw couldn't be easier. Put some water in the chamber, use a torch to heat the quartz tip, then dip the hot tip into your concentrate and inhale from the mouthpiece end. It's a simple, fast, and easy way to enjoy your concentrates when you can't use your dab rig. 

This ultra-portable quartz dab straw fits easily in your backpack or purse so you can pull it whenever you want to take a discreet hit. It's a great way to get the most enjoyment from your favorite concentrates! 

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