Soda Cup Silicone Oil Rig

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This colorful 9-inch tall silicone oil rig stands out from the crowd with its fun soda cup design that comes in varying bright colors. Made with safe-to-use food-grade silicone that's shatter-proof, this little rig can take a beating and keep on delivering awesome rips.

The Silicone Soda Cup Oil Rig is outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a silicone downstem and a 14.5mm male quartz banger. The banger has an 18mm inner diameter offering a generous surface area for your concentrates. 

You can dab using this rig and people will think you're sipping from an ordinary cup of soda. Except for the part where you heat it with a blow torch and then cough out a plume of smoke. Just say it's McDonald's Sprite.

When you take this rig to a party, you'll be the envy of your dabbing buddies who'll all want one just like it. Add some fun to your dabbing sessions and grab yours today. 

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