Snoop Dogg Hand Pipe - Friendship

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This beautiful hand pipe has Snoop’s signature on the stem and the fist logo on the bowl. And to tell you the truth, this stunning piece would look awesome even if you didn’t know it has Snoop’s stamp of approval.

And it’s not like the looks are all there is to it; it’s built to perfection and performs like a beast! It’s made from very durable borosilicate glass and sports a pinch tapered mouthpiece as well as a pretty big bowl with a built-in honeycomb screen. This acts as an ash catcher. It has a carb hole on the bowl and an angled bottom so you can safely put it on any surface with zero risk of it rolling over.

This amazing hand pipe comes in multiple assorted colors and comes in a collector box. If you’re looking for that special hand pipe, Snoop Dogg’s Friendship will serve you well. Because that's what friends are for. Measures 4.75 inches long.

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